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OPTI-P112 – 1 wing roof ventilator for flat roof with 45˚ base

The OPTI-P112 ventitalor is designed for flat roofs. With a base at 45˚ to go on a wooden base or other support. The design and openings provide optimal ventilation of the attic. The ventilation power of this vent depends on several factors including space in the attic as well as soffit being present. Under ideal conditions this vent has the capacity to ventilate from 100 to 150 sq. ft. It is always recommended to place a retention tray on the insulation under the ventilator.

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  • Optimizes and evenly regulates the ventilation of the attic
  • Facilitates the evacuation of heat and condensation
  • Preserves the integrity of the attic materials
  • Simple to install
  • Anti-gust deflector
  • No maintenance and noise free




Ventilation is required by the Canadian Building Code. So a Good ventilation means keeping the attic space near the outside temperature to avoid excessive contrasts. With the help of soffits, for example In summer, the chimney effect created by the Optimum ventilator eliminates excess heat from the attic and thus helps maintain the integrity of the asphalt shingles. In winter, you will get a drier attic. So no matter what the season, Optimum Ventilators will help to optimize the comfort of your home!


OPTI-P112 29,9 cm • 11,8” 49,5 cm • 19,5” 13,9 cm • 5,5” 42,5 cm • 16,8” 0,06 m² • 99 in.² 1 22 – 24 & 26
OPTI-P114 35 cm • 13,8” 60,9 cm • 24” 13,9 cm • 5,5” 46,6 cm • 18,4” 0,07 m² • 121,5 in.² 1 22 – 24 & 26
OPTI-P116 40,1 cm • 15,8” 66 cm • 26” 13,9 cm • 5,5” 54,9 cm • 21,6” 0,09 m² • 139,5 in.² 1 22 – 24 & 26
OPTI-P118 45,2 cm • 17,8” 71,1 cm • 28” 13,9 cm • 5,5” 55,2 cm • 21,8” 0,10 m² • 157,5 in.² 1 22 – 24 & 26
OPTI-P120 50,2 cm • 19,8” 81,2 cm • 32” 20,3 cm • 8” 52,7 cm • 20,8” 0,16 m² • 263,25 in.² 1 22 & 24
OPTI-P122 55,3 cm • 21,8” 86,3 cm • 34” 20,3 cm • 8” 52,7 cm • 20,8” 0,18 m² • 290,25 in.² 1 22 & 24
OPTI-P124 60,4 cm • 23,8” 91,4 cm • 36” 20,3 cm • 8” 52,7 cm • 20,8” 0,20 m² • 317,25 in.² 1 22 & 24


The vent is manufactured from galvanized steel followed by a specialized baked paint finish.

Custom model

Custom models are available as special order. *We can manufacture any other size on request.


This model is available with or without filter. In case of a ventilator with filter, you are obligated to install a water collecting tray. At any times, it is strongly recommended to install a water collecting tray (OPTI-PAN) under your ventilator, it is the solution for a dry attic.


Standard colours available: brown, grey, black and white. Other colours available on special order (additional fee).


CSA Certified

The National Building Code requires adequate ventilation of the roof as per the minimum standard of Section 9.19.1 or according to the ACNOR CAN3-A93-M82.


Optimum vents have a limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects that may affect the unit. We can offer this peace of mind to all our customers because all our products are CSA approved. We apply also those same criterias of quality on all custom models. This means that during the time when the owner of the house who installed or had installed the Optimum vent remains at the address of the installation, Ventilation Optimum replace it free for the first five years and thereafter, in proportion to the years of use, against any defect. In such a case, the cost of transportation and installation will be at the customer charge as well as any home repairs. The warranty applies in all cases where the Optimum vent has been installed according to our recommendations and has been free from any abuse, misuse or other circumstances beyond the control of Ventilation Optimum including salty air.
Warranty regarding painting:
The Optimum Roof Ventilator is made of 24 and 26 gauge galvanized steel and is coated with a powder or liquid baked polyester based paint. Optimum Ventilation is proud to offer you a 5 year warranty against corrosion. During this period, Ventilation Optimum will replace the product at the counter upon presentation of the original proof of purchase.
The responsibility of Ventilation Optimum is limited only to the replacement of parts in the workshop. All expenses related to time, travel and home repairs are not covered by this warranty.
Corrosion that does not result from a defect in material or workmanship is not covered by this warranty. Circumstances beyond the control of Ventilation Optimum such as: corrosion caused by industrial fallout, acid rain, accidents, damage, negligence, modification of the product as well as that resulting from improper installation damaging steel, paint scratched by handling, installation or negligence, by an acid environment such as swine farms etc … are excluded from this warranty.
This warranty also excludes damage caused by:
– Infiltration of water due to an improper installation that does not comply with the recommendations and instructions of the manufacturer,
– The infiltration of water and / or condensation due to a building deficiency at the level of the national building code.
– Failure of roof drainage.
– The accumulation of snow covering the vent
– Any domestic paint applications or inappropriate cleaning solutions.
– Bad weather and natural disasters
– Transportation, handling or storage
Tightness of the roof or parts installed by the contractor are not guaranteed as they are out of the control of the manufacturer. It is the roofer’s responsibility to ensure that the base is properly waterproofed using the proper roofing products. The Association of Master Roofers (AMCQ) recommends using the following technique: Metal flanges: The metal flanges of all projections must be coated with a primer embedded in plastic roofing cement, covered with a fold of cotton saturated with asphalt or canvas, followed by a fold of 15-pound felt and another fold of cotton saturated with asphalt or canvas embedded in a bitumen. In addition, having no precise notion of the composition of the building such as the tightness of the vapor barrier, the insulation or the exact amount of air inlets; these elements do not allow us to give a guarantee on the final result. Proof of purchase showing the date, your name and the shipping address will be essential in order to make any warranty claim.